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A reliable solution provider in metal projects

TAIHE, Certified to ISO9001 and IATF 16949, is a reliable manufacturer of custom-stamped metal parts used for nearly every purpose. We create metal parts like springs, brackets, clips, and other types of metal stampings from many types of materials, like steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, copper, and more.
At Taihe, tooling is designed and fabricated by our staff of highly skilled toolmakers, utilizing the latest CAD technology. We have full control over all aspects of the process, from prototype to production, to deliver quality products of OEMs worldwide.
Our team takes pride in offering exceptional customer service to clients with projects of all sizes, and we’ll work with you to develop the customized, high-quality metal parts you need for your project.

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Facility and Equipments

Iris Blades Teflon

Complex Level: 4

1. This part are assembled by Steel clips, Platic parts, CNC machining parts, Sealing rubber, etc;

2. When outer parts be rotated , clips can can be opened and closed smoothly; 

3. Black coatings are strong at anti abrasion.


Complex Level: 4

1. Complex Processes: Laser cutting and bending — Riveting —Plant bolts — Welding — Brushing — Pickling — Laser etching

2. Strict Requirement: Should pass 168H salt spray testing; Welding and laser cutting mark should not be visible; No burrs, no sharp edges, smooth feeling when touching; no scratch.

Complex Level: 3

1. This clip is folded in the middle, should be totally flat, and ensure there is no slot between upper and bottom part;

2. After tin plating, surface is bright and without any scratch.

Complex Level: 3

Material thickness is only 0.5mm, diameter is only 12 mm, but depth is 80mm.

Team and Management

Abbi Huang

Engineering Manager

Consummate technology, making impossibility to possibility.


Tina Lin

Manager of sales dept I

Honesty is the foundation, win mutual benefits.

Junping Ju


Various talents get together, create brilliance!

David Chung

Manager of sales dept II

Build Business Relationship with Heart.

Ivy Ding


Continuous improvement, making customer satisfied.

Rupert Gao

Quality Manager

Full participation, to create high stand quality together.

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