Metal Stamping

Tooling is designed in-house by our tooling specialists, before producing 2D drawings and a 3D file for tooling, they will evaluate  reasonable structure, appropriate tolerance, clear requirements, suitable materials.

The manufacture of the tooling is as important as the design, there is slow- speed, middle- speed and fast speed wire cutting, we will chose suitable one combining with competitive tooling, unit price and advantageous turnaround/lead time together.

Stamping Tool and Die Capabilities:

General Capabilities

CAD Modeling (2-D, 3-D)
Machining Services

Tool and Die
Tool History Documentation
Technical Support

Die Types and Tooling

Progressive Stamping Dies
Single Hit Stamping Dies
Blanking Dies
Carbide Dies
Coining Dies
High Speed Steel Dies
Forming Dies
Piercing Dies

Precision Stamping Dies
Secondary Dies
Checking Fixtures
Welding Fixtures
Inspection Gauges/Fixtures
Assembly Fixtures
Welding Fixtures
Automation Equipment

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